Repeat Photography & Rephotography

Sushi 2

Morris, 2013 & 2017. Sushi

Revisit an early image, print off the old and the new, and photograph them side by side.

This was a seemingly easy project to work on. However, it became a mountainous task: everything involved in this task went wrong – camera, printer, everything.

Nevertheless, it was through overcoming these issues that this was a richer learning experience.

The image I revisited was chosen specifically because it is one of the earliest examples of my food photography and therefore allows me to view images over the longest possible period of time.

I think revisiting images of food differs from the revisiting of other subjects because of the highly ephemeral nature of food: there are no fixed co-ordinates to which a food photographer can return in one or two years’ time. Consequently, because the original subject, for me, no longer exists, the real value in this exercise was in appreciating how my photographic practice has developed over time.

I took the view that the comparison lent itself to a scrapbook type of presentation and shot the two images attached to some handmade craft paper.

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