On Reflection … Week Four, Module One

Another interesting week during which I focused on two areas … …

Firstly, preparation of a project situation report. Personally, I feel that significant progress has been made in terms of preparing the project proposal and the associated presentation.

Scope and parameters for the project have been identified and it’s good to see a skeleton, a framework start to develop from which things can naturally and progressively evolve.

A picture paints a thousand words … …


Morris, 2016. The Great British Food Project

Secondly, working on a research portfolio. The project will focus on a handful of key areas relating to British cuisine:

Iconic dishes

Contemporary classics

Regional specialities

Fresh, local produce

This week was fun and tasty, working on a local delicacy from my hometown, North Staffordshire oatcakes … …


Morris, 2016. Oatcakes

And other photographs from this week which focus on ingredients … …


Morris, 2016. Bouquet Garni


Morris, 2016. Cod

All in all, I am pleased with the progress made relating to both the project proposal and the portfolio. It’s a relief to get some key information down in writing and start to see the project concept developing, even if priorities were questioned, and the portfolio developing.

The next few weeks promise to be especially challenging, not least challenging of which will be a live presentation of the project proposal.

Lots to think about … …



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