Communicating Practice

I am drawn to still-life photography more than any other genre, and especially to images which feature food as either a main or a supporting subject.

Obviously, a lot of time has been spent recently prepping for the presentation, research proposal and WIP portfolio, and as a result I have asked myself a lot of questions. One question which really challenged me is “why does that particular subject appeal to me so much more than any other?”

Finding an answer to that question which stands up to any form of interrogation has been interesting.

I think the appeal lies in the similarity to art in the most widely accepted notion of an artist using paints and canvas to produce an image. In other words, I research, resource, set-up and then photograph my subjects in the same, contemplative and progressive way that an artist might.

I appreciate art very much, but I can’t draw or paint. Still-life photography allows me to be creative -what I photograph I “create” myself and I can see it develop incrementally before me.

This is what motivates me to take photographs – an enormous sense of satisfaction at what I create. What keeps me motivated is striving for excellence – being critical in the evaluations of my work and how it was produced.

The work of the great masters is an enormous source of inspiration to me. I feel that understanding their work, the “how” and the “why” for the paintings they produced will enrich my photography.

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