On Reflection … Week 11, Module One

Who looks at my work? Why do they look at it? Why should people look at my work?

A week for thinking outside of my personal viewpoint and striving to see things from other perspectives.

This is something I have really taken apart this week.

Me, looking at them, looking at me.

Interesting to see how my project proposal looks from alternative views. And interesting to see how many differing views there are.

All this poses a whole new set of very pertinent questions.

How critical is my reflection? How does this enrich my learning? Does it enrich my learning at all? Does any of this even make sense to other readers? Who are the other readers? Does anybody even remotely care about the words I write? Will it make sense to me when I refer to it in the future?

The latter question I can reliably answer, eleven weeks in and looking back I see validity, and some integrity, in what I wrote earlier in the course and it still makes sense – I certainly don’t find myself pondering and asking “what on earth …”, I still know why I wrote as I did. Perhaps most importantly, I would now look for different, possibly more refined ways, possibly additional ways, to express my views on the same subjects.

Time to start smashing down a few walls!

Moving on to other matters … …

Referring back to the subject of perspectives, some interesting discoveries were made this week concerning Vermeer and the way in which he composed his works. A lot of valuable information there. Lots more to think about and potential to open up further areas of investigation.

Significantly more time spent on the research project proposal, reviewing and refining. Finally, I have something that reaches out to me, something that makes me feel a presence, something that stands by itself and which I have a quiet confidence in submitting.

Next stage in the process, more practical work … …

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