On Reflection: Week 5, Module Three

The brief for week five was to commence preparatory work for three discrete activities: an exhibition, a publication and a workshop.

The exhibition is to take place between the 11 and 18 August, whilst the publication and workshop don’t have a completion deadline.

Excellent preparation for the main exhibition in twelve months, a chance to have a ‘dummy run’ and identify any issues which may arise.

However, life sometimes gets in the way.

Moving home is one of the most stressful events in life – no matter how many times you may have moved, it never gets any easier. And there’s never an especially good time to move.

Circumstances related to this particular house move have made it impossible for me to contribute to the exhibition.

Notwithstanding the constraints imposed by the move itself, there will be a subsequent period where we will be without an internet connection.

OK, so there are ways around that, aren’t there. Yes, of course.

Complicating things further – a severe knee injury. I’m immobile for the foreseeable future. Severely debilitated, accessing alternative internet resources is impossible at the moment – as is any photography.

The exhibition is to take place in an area local to each student, with an online ‘Landing’ page featuring details of each contributing photographer together with thumbnails examples of his or her work.

Due to the global nature of the ‘Landing’ page, together with the deadline of 11 to 18 August for the physical exhibition, it is just not possible to complete the necessary work within the timeframe.

Whilst the exhibition, publication and workshop are not a compulsory part of the course, not being able to contribute to the exhibition is still a major disaster for me.

What could I have done to prevent this?

Well, if sufficient notice can be given to the ISP – at least 20 days, the internet can be up and running on the day you move in. This wasn’t an option in our case, once things started to move the situation just snowballed – the whole move was decided on and completed within twenty days.

And as for the injury, how do you legislate for such things?

So, the question becomes what can I do as an alternative?

During the ‘downtime’, the period when we will be without an internet connection, planning for an exhibition can still take place.

This seems to me to be a good investment of time, a chance to interrogate the process of staging an exhibition and of course, having established the dates of 11 – 18 August are not achievable, there is no reason why I can’t stage an individual exhibition in my local area at a later date.

Planning can also take place for the publication, and the workshop – again, opportunities to question how things might operate.

Turning negatives into positives, current circumstances should result in my producing some pretty comprehensive and robust project plans.

Some research will be required, I am fully aware that my knowledge relating to the staging of an exhibition is somewhat patchy.

Activities aside, time as well to pull things together generally, to consolidate. Things seem a little disjointed at the moment.

Lots still to be getting on with.

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