On Reflection: Week 9, Module Three

As the end of module three approaches, albeit belatedly for me, the shadow of my nemesis grows darker.

Video presentations take me out of the zone in which I feel comfortable. And producing a presentation for module 3, Surfaces and Strategies, examining the motivations for my photography and briefly discussing some methods and strategies for image-making and image-sharing, is something I am finding particularly difficult.

For me, this period in my life will always be associated with the longest case of ‘writer’s block’ imaginable – it is hard for me to see how an idea could be worked on for so long, with so little progress.

Two issues to consider then …

Why do video presentations make me feel so uncomfortable?

And what is it regarding the making and sharing of images that has been so difficult to pin down? Why has it been so difficult to put my thoughts down on paper? I’m making images, and I’m sharing images – so why don’t my activities translate so easily into words? Too much to say? Or perhaps not enough?

Test shots for the Work in Progress portfolio have been very successful. The images, shared with peers who, having completed their own assignments for module three, have been kind enough and generous enough to provide critique which was incisive and constructive, have been warmly received.

Consequently, I am feeling positive about the current project.

Several other factors contribute to this positivity, not least of which I believe to be the analysis of feedback from previous portfolio submissions – examining ‘things gone right, things gone wrong’. It has very much been a case of making small improvements, and much larger, more frequent failures. It is these failures which have, perhaps, taught me more than the successes.

After some significant delays, things are starting to come together …

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