On Reflection: Week 10, Module Three

Time to start planning for future projects.

I have an idea for something very different!

Ideas, in fact, for several projects which will be quite unexpected.

I’m keen to get cracking on bringing these ideas to fruition …

There is still a lot of work that can be done in terms of story development – improving my narrative skills. This is a key area for me to work on.

Nevertheless, I feel that there is a discernible difference in terms of the quality of work that I am producing now compared to 12 months ago, not only in terms of the project theme, but also in general terms – I think the overall quality of my work has improved as a result of exploring the visual narrative.

Again, significant time has been consumed preparing the module three assignments, and I’m feeling very positive about the outcome of this week’s efforts.

As the first year of the MA draws to a close, how do I feel with regard to my original intentions for my project.

Time for a review …

In October 2016, I identified my aims as being as follows:

To explore the knowledge, technology and methods employed by the old masters to control light, and how the atmosphere and aesthetics of food images are influenced by light and various lighting styles

To investigate what knowledge of the elements of design was available to the masters

To rationalise the symbolism used by the masters, evaluating their reasons for its use as well as the sources of their information.

I think I have made significant progress towards achieving my goal. My knowledge in relation to these three areas has increased notably, and my ability to evaluate and contextualise has improved.

Admittedly, there is still room for improvement, and for the further acquisition of knowledge – but this is a two-year MA programme and we are only at the halfway point.

So, do I feel I am on track? Clearly, there are two-sides to be considered in answering this question and I can only speak from my own position.

But, yes – looking back over the past 12 months I can identify areas where my knowledge and ability has increased in breadth and depth, there are tasks which I have completed which I would never have dreamed of 12 months ago.

I look forward to the second year with eagerness and perhaps most importantly, refreshed confidence.

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