Seven Days

Seven 2

Morris, 2017. Sunday

One object, one image, each day for seven days …

A week which has seen:

A day off for study,

A day of accounting,

One day consumed by a laptop repair,

Feeling rotten for most of Thursday,

Another day dominated by a seemingly simple central heating issue which wasn’t at all ‘simple’ to fix,

A day designing some promotional literature,

And a day spent refining some sleight of hand.


Morris, 2017. Monday


Morris, 2017. Tuesday


Morris, 2017. Wednesday


Morris, 2017. Thursday


Morris, 2017. Friday


Morris, 2017. Saturday

The brief, taken from the Photographer’s Playbook, is the first in a carefully selected series which aims to provoke thought regarding my practice and where it might be positioned in a professional context.

How have I responded to this brief, beyond the obvious images that have been produced? What change has this project initiated?

Firstly, it has prompted me to look away from food and to find alternative subjects to photograph. No bad thing at all – photographing a diverse range of subjects increases skill and experience in overcoming technical and creative issues unique to each subject: skill and experience which is transferable and can be brought back to further enhance my food photography.

Secondly, it has helped me to strengthen my visual storytelling skills – delivering a complete story, the story of my week, in just seven images. This is an area I am keen to develop.

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