A Marketing Plan

Week 4, Module Four…

The brief: ‘create a marketing plan for your practice which covers the next 10 weeks’ (Pfab, 2017).

Fundamental to developing a marketing plan has been to define the business offering. In line with this an Artist’s Statement has been developed. This will feature on the about page of a website (currently being developed) in addition to other promotional literature.

The goals of my 10-week marketing plan are as follows:

To establish and raise a profile within the photographic industry and within the wider community

Prepare the legal and financial framework required for effective business management and metrics.

The objectives which will facilitate this are as follows:

Establish a brand across a range of formats

Develop industry specific knowledge appertaining to contract and copyright.


Design, develop and launch a website

Increase the number of Instagram followers to 300 (30/week over 10 weeks)

Establish a Facebook page for the brand

Post (a minimum of) 3 images per week to the social media platforms

Add (a minimum of) 10 images to my commercial portfolio (programme of constant renewal)

Preparation of business documentation (e.g. estimates, invoices, receipts, terms, etc.)

Research and join at least one professional organisation (e.g. Royal Photographic Society)

Research and subscribe to at least two networking organisations

Arrange and hold discussions with at least one photographic agency

Research and subscribe to at least two sources of industry specific news

Design business cards, outsource printing.

The marketing plan will cover the ten-week period commencing Monday 16 October and ending Sunday 24 December 2017 (inclusive).

Appropriate metrics for the various platforms will be collected and analysed.

A marketing plan for a further 13-week period (01 January to 01 April 2018 inclusive) will be developed using the results of this analysis. The expectation is to rollout four 13-week marketing plans during 2018, and two six-month marketing plans per year thereafter.



Pfab, Anna-Maria (2017), ‘Sustainable Prospects’: A Marketing Plan. Falmouth: Falmouth University [Online]. Available at: https://flex.falmouth.ac.uk/courses/84/discussion_topics/2797?module_item_id=6502 (accessed: 18 October 2017

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