MAYN Creative

Based on contemporaneous notes: 01 November 2017

A very significant point in my photographic career – first contact with a photographic agency.

An informal telephone conversation with Lynn Chambers of MAYN Creative, Falmouth University’s in-house photographic and creative agency, proved a very worthwhile investment of time.

The premise for my photographic practice was well received and I was grateful to receive professional advice.

Networking was identified as being key to developing my practice (being separate from the development of my photography).

Building relationships with food stylists, especially those who may be local, was encouraged.

Assisting food photographers, again especially any who may be local, was also strongly recommended.

Self-led projects were highlighted as being useful because they will extend my skillset in addition to gaining exposure for my practice.

Arranging meetings with potential clients, for example art directors or editors of regional magazines, was also suggested as a way of gaining exposure for my work, having my portfolio reviewed and establishing how individual publications go about commissioning work.

Given my specialisation, commercial food photography, developing my (existing) LinkedIn profile was identified as a good way of continuing to build my online presence.

Work is already underway to build a dedicated website for the business. A further informal discussion with MAYN is scheduled for mid-January, following up on progress regarding the above. At this point I will also be able to obtain feedback regarding the design of my website.

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