On Reflection: Week 7, Module 4

Significant progress this week, mainly with regard to producing images for the forthcoming Work in Progress assignment.

Finding a way in, I have discovered, to be the hardest part …

The value of networking has been made apparent.

Being technically skilled is far from sufficient to make a living as a photographer. It is essential to have good business skills, and good marketing skills.

Businesses which thrive have some diversity in terms of the products and/or services that they offer. They are also skilled at selling the same product or service in different ways.

Advice from an experienced professional has given me valuable insight into how, in practical terms, several revenue streams can be generated by one image.

Social media presents a myriad of opportunities for self-marketing. But are they all appropriate in every case? The informed answer to this has to be a resounding no.

Each social media platform offers unique features, and the merits (and ergo the demerits) of each platform must be assessed in relation to the marketing needs of each individual photographer. In short, the platform must match the portfolio.

A potential collaboration has been discussed. It’s very early stages yet but I am quite excited about talks regarding the use of visual research methods in relation to a PhD in psychology.

The forthcoming week promises to be busy, especially with regard to the logistical aspect of preparing further images for the Work in Progress assignment.

Even with so much to do, I feel that I am not really getting to the heart of anything. I feel as though I have entered the doldrums.

I need greater insight into where I am at the moment. Carrying out a Johari Window analysis in relation to my photography may provide that insight.

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