On Reflection: Week 11, Module Four

‘Classics, they defy time, they defy fashions.’

– Raymond Blanc

Words which really resonated with me this week. Relevant as I currently pursue a black and white aesthetic, itself a timeless classic, in my photographic practice.

I sometimes experience difficulty in defining the qualities that make black and white such an appealing aesthetic. Although Blanc was talking about a specific dish, roast turbot on aromats, I think his words capture very nicely an appeal of black and white photography which is both wide and long.

A potential equipment upgrade has led to some interesting conversations this week. Photography is both an art and science and consequently I think photographers fall into two categories: those who have a bias towards the artistic, and those with a bias towards the science.

Discuss a lens with a fast aperture and the artistic will comment about the ‘beautiful bokeh’ the lens will produce, discuss the same lens with those biased towards the scientific and they will comment how the lens will ‘let in bags of light’.

I am exploring ideas which take me beyond my current Work in Progress project, Carousel. The use of photography in the social sciences, including visual anthropology, is of increasing interest to me.

The artists of the Dutch golden age made reference to the fleeting moment of life in their vanitas paintings. Can I make reference to the fleeting ephemerality during our lives?

How my photographic practice can focus on social issues, and what those social issues might be, are areas I am keen to explore.

The reportage activity in week eight was a very interesting activity and I was pleased with the results. However, I want to develop my storytelling skills.

Consequently, I am considering the feasibility of a mini-project for the early part of 2018.

Shooting in natural light is an option.

I am currently looking at possible, viable themes for the project but a big question is the frequency of image-making: is daily too much? Is weekly not enough? Is twice a week on, say, a Wednesday and a Friday a suitable frequency?

There’s a lot to consider, especially having the final major project to work on,  but this could be an interesting and informative exercise …

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