Notes on Tutorial: 28 February 2018

Contemporaneous notes of a 1-2-1 tutorial: Dr Wendy McMurdo – Wednesday 28 February 2018, 1100 hrs

The concept for the Final Major Project was introduced: Jo-Ana – the diaries of an anorexic visually described in photographs. WM commented that this was both interesting and topical.

Laia Abril’s†1 Thinspiration was introduced as an initial point of research.

Sarah Davidmann’s†2 Ken. To be Destroyed was also suggested for its value in photographically documenting found artefacts.

The Diary Drawing’s of Bobby Baker†3 document the performance artist’s ‘experiences of day hospitals, acute psychiatric wards, ‘crisis’ teams and a variety of treatments’. Started in 1997, the drawings became a way for the artist to articulate complex emotions and thoughts to family, friends and professionals.

It was suggested that as the premise for the project was the diary entries of an anorexic, the diaries themselves should be at the very heart of the body of work.

WM indicated that an artist’s statement would be required – this could be anything from a paragraph to a page. It was also indicated that a statement would be needed to convey the thoughts of the participant (who could remain anonymous) – again, this could be from a paragraph to a page in length.

The importance of evidencing my research and reflections regarding the ethics of the project was discussed.



†1 Laia Abril:

†2 Sarah Davidmann:

†3 Bobby Baker:

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