Notes on Tutorial: 24 April 2018

Contemporaneous notes of a 1-2-1 tutorial: Dr Wendy McMurdo – Tuesday 24 April 2018, 1000 hrs

Progress to date:

Image making has been adversely affected by circumstances beyond my control (outlined in previous email).

Other activities, for example, obtaining a domain name, website hosting, and website development have progressed further than expected.

Time is built into the project plan for contingencies.

Work has continued on image development.

Work has started on the project descriptor.

As the intention is to tell a particular story through a series of still life images, it is necessary to source and obtain a number of props: with one exception, the necessary assets have now been acquired.

I am not familiar with Adobe Indesign and have, therefore, been taking steps to familiarise myself with the application.


The premise for the FMP is a series of still life images based on pertinent diary entries of a former anorexic. The use of text in images is new to me. It is something I have instinctively felt to be right for this project, but have, nevertheless, questioned it’s use, benefits and appropriateness.

Several artists have incorporated text into their work and research into their work has enabled me to reconcile the use of text within my own practice for the FMP.

A CRJ post will record this research (see ‘Text Messages’).

I have also struggled with a format which successfully showed a still life image with text. Through experimentation I have found a format with which I feel comfortable and which is repeatable and reproducible throughout a series of images.

Moving forward …

As a result of image making being delayed, the plan is to develop a notional timetable of activities for the next month – the intention being to bring the situation back in-line with the project timing plan.

The suggestion is to meet on a weekly basis.

Technical issues have previously been experienced with conferencing software. The proposal is to hold discussions via mobile telephone, having appropriately distributed applicable documentation/images in advance by email.

It was noted that the 1st person account provided by the text element of the FMP images was a vital component supporting the still life element of the images.

Researching the practice of the following photographers was advised:

Taryn Simon†1

Anne Collier†2

Sophie Calle†3

Additionally, continued documentation of the project with particular reference to the research and image making processes in the CRJ was encouraged.

Dates and times were agreed for future meetings.



†1Taryn Simon:–taryn-simon

†2Anne Collier:

†3Sophie Calle:

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