Proceed with Caution


Advisory note – Jo-Ana website, June 2018

The premise for my Final Major Project is the diary entries of a recovered anorexic made before, during and after her battle with the illness.

No single cause for anorexia nervosa has been identified, instead it can usually be attributed to a number of causative factors including genetics, family and societal issues.

Some individuals are more susceptible to visual stimuli than others, for these individuals, images of food or super thin models can trigger an episode of anorexia. For others, discussions which specify a particular weight can be a trigger.

Jo-Ana aims to help raise awareness of this life-threatening disease. It is also one girl’s story of recovery and, for those struggling with anorexia, it is also a message of hope and a clear indication that recovery is possible.

To avoid triggering anorexia in those image sensitive individuals, Jo-Ana will feature an advisory note, indicating that the gallery contains images to which some individuals may be susceptible.

This measure was undertaken on the advice of a nutritional therapist.



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