Establishing a Brand


Jo-Ana logo, June 2018

Jo-Ana aims to help raise public awareness of anorexia by visually describing the diaries of an anorexic in photographs.

The exhibition will be marketed via various social media channels, as well as those which are more traditional.

To grab audience attention and make the exhibition marketing something memorable, a brand has been established.

There are three main components to the exhibition: an online gallery with supporting text, both of which are hosted on a clean website.

The gallery itself has a limited palette (black and white), supporting text is in keeping with this scheme. Logos, icons and navigational text, however, are in a range of colours deliberately chosen to be complimentary or harmonistic.

The project logo was initially in gold, using a handwriting style font. As the project developed it became apparent that this colour could not be seen consistently across a range of devices, browsers or social media platforms.

Consequently, a colour scheme with colours which was uniform (as far as is practically possible) across a range of devices, browsers and social media channels was needed.

Variations on cyan and magenta were identified as working effectively in combination whilst remaining within the criteria set for the colour scheme.

However, all devices and browsers still remained unequal and many hues were tried out in many combinations before colours were identified which could be viewed (fairly) uniformly. Note, use of the word fairly – it is impossible to legislate for individual service settings which arise as phones, tablets, etc. are set according to personal taste.

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