On Reflection … Week Six, Module One

This week has been informative and interesting.

All energies this week were focused on the preparation of a presentation outlining a critical and contextual appraisal of my photographic practice to date, together with the introduction of my final major project, and a rationale of how the two are linked.

It was good to see several weeks of work coming together nicely.

It was a time to introduce my revised project concept, both the idea and the presentation seemed to be well received by an audience of tutor and fellow students.

Ok, there were moments of frustration during the week, many moments. And, of course, many instances of delightful inspiration.

And some comedy … …

I’m still recovering from cold and I’m sure anyone who could have been a “fly-on-the-wall” to observe me trying to narrate my PowerPoint slideshow for what seemed like the 27th time, each time coughing or sneezing at a critical moment and consequently having to start again, would have found it quite humorous.

My mind is popping with ideas of where this project could go, and how to take it there. Not just in terms of being a final major project for the MA, but how it could be developed, or at least the knowledge and experience gained to be used to develop other ideas, in the future.

Next week, perhaps a little bit of “polishing up” for the oral presentation before it’s submitted as part of assignment one, and lots more work on my project proposal.

There’s a lot more work to do for my research portfolio, including some practical experiments to organise and carry out – something I’m looking forward to.

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