Being Brief …

The exercise this week was to work to a photographic brief provided by a fellow student.

The brief set for me by Kevin was as follows:

To provide an image which sums up man’s interaction with, and experience of, autumn. This was to be done in a way which created a feeling of permanence, suggesting that this interaction had always, and will always, take place.

I found this simple set of instructions quite interesting, with numerous possibilities for the fulfilment of the brief.

Initially, I thought of some sort of celebratory festival. But any event would most likely be specific to a localised area and/or culture. Perhaps even changing in form and meaning over time.

Clearly not meeting the brief’s requirement of demonstrating a permanence then.

I wanted something that not only met the brief’s requirement of portraying a permanence, but which also had a universal aspect.

After some consideration, I realised that man has always needed to prepare for the long winter months by collecting and hoarding supplies of food.

This is as true today as it was for our cave-dwelling ancestors. The need to make these preparations also largely transcends geographical regions and cultures.

It was an interesting exercise to work on a brief provided by a fellow student, and as always it was a pleasure to work with Kevin who was very pleased with the output of this exercise.


Morris, 2016. Autumn Harvest


Autumn” Mindmap

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