Food in Art. A Couple of Thoughts …

“Food in Art” – Gillian Reynolds (Reaktion Books) 

Food in Art

Food in Art” – Cover (Gillian Reynolds, Reaktion Books)

A chance discovery this week has yielded an absolute goldmine of information.

Interesting, informative, absorbing.

Food in Art” by Gillian Reynolds is an exploration of how human interaction with food has been depicted in art throughout the ages.

Beautiful examples of art featuring food in some way are supported by contemporary text in order to examine food within the contexts of myth and legend, religion, and ritual.

We are taken on a journey of food during which we view how our complex relationship with food, it’s production and consumption have changed through time.

A fascinating subject, the author has produced a captivating reference.

In terms of finding this book, timing could not have been better as I define and refine the concept for my final major project. The information contained in this book has made me review the direction in which I want to take my project. Some ideas I had have been confirmed, some have been revised. And a lot of new ideas have been generated.

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