On Reflection … Week Seven, Module One


Not the most productive of weeks practically, but that was on the cards from the get go … …

But in terms of research and further developing a solid base from which to drive things forward it has been superbly successful with one source leading to another.

It was most interesting to stumble across and subsequently read of the experimental work carried out, independently, by Zeki and Ramachandran into “neuroaesthetics”, the neural mechanisms associated with aesthetics. Made me think of the Gestalt theory of perception.

The little practical work related to the project that was pencilled into the diary generated some positive results and revealed something very informative.

And it was quite refreshing at this stage to work to a brief provided by a fellow student for the “peer commissioned micro project”.

Effort continues to be very much focused on preparing the project proposal presentation. A few more tweaks, again to focus the project on being a photographic project rather than a pseudo-masterclass in cooking.

A little frustrating at times, why do I have writer’s block whenever I sit down to work on the assignment, and yet ideas come flooding in at the most obscure and inconvenient moment (note to self: must invest in a micro notebook and pen because this recording stuff on the back of receipts ain’t working).

It’s good to see the concept for the project developing, being further defined and refined. Deadline for the submission of the presentation is looming (9th November) and, as always with assignments, I’m eager to get the job finished and the submission made. And I’m looking forward to further work on the project proposal – whether I’m as enthusiastic when I’ve spent several weeks working on it is another matter.

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