On Reflection: Weeks 12 – 15, Module Two

A consolidated account of the weeks post-module two assignments …

A time to take stock, step back and review the learning opportunities presented by module 2.

The period of time between 23 January and 01 May is best described as intense, and the latter few weeks – the period immediately before the assignment submission dates – best described as stressful.

Module two realised a number of challenges, aside from being heavy on theory and therefore also a major time investment in terms of research, I don’t think any of them were unique: preparing a video appraisal of my photographic practice was just as stressful for module two as it was in module one.

On the theme of video presentations, it was interesting to begin to look beyond the rather simplistic PowerPoint presentation, which is adequate up to a point. That said, there are many alternatives but they are far from all being equal – there are advantages and disadvantages to each and a fair number have many more cons than pros. Video presentations play a major part of future assignments and consequently this is an area for ongoing research.

Results show a reasonable improvement when compared against the marks from module one – need to keep the momentum going.

Work shows a “sound awareness of photographic and image-making processes”, and “an accomplished level of technical expertise, applied appropriately according to the practice specialism”.

The target is to achieve an “in-depth understanding of a range of photographic and image-making processes”, and “sophistication in the application of techniques that are appropriate to the practice specialism”.

I think that, somehow, crossing this boundary isn’t going to be all that easy.

Looking ahead to module three “Surfaces and Strategies” and a small preparatory standalone project based on a work of our choosing by Ed Ruscha proved to be both a refreshing change and an antidote to the assignment stress. This mini-project was a valuable chance to step away from major project related photography, a chance to see things in a non-project based way (see also “Inspired by … Ed Ruscha”).

The mini-project also provided an invaluable opportunity to evaluate surfaces appropriate for the display of images. My immediate thought was to produce an interactive ebooks. However, this was problematic due to the fact that the software needed to produce and subsequently read interactive ebooks is not universally available. Furthermore, interactive ebooks requiring HTML5 are especially problematic for Mac users. Again, an area for further research.

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