Inspired by … Ed Ruscha

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It was, I think, inevitable that I would be drawn to Ed Ruscha’s 1969 work “Crackers” – a story told in images of a man who takes his date to a hotel room, persuades her to undress before covering her body in tomato, cucumber and salad dressing. He goes off to buy some crackers, having realised he forgot this important item, never to return.

Before I even picked up my camera to shoot the series of images for this project, I had the idea of producing an interactive ebook – my mind “free wheeled” after reading the brief and I decided pretty quickly on a variation to a photobook.

However, producing an interactive ebook proved to be less than simple, largely because the software needed to both produce and subsequently read this type of publication is not universally available. Furthermore, interactive ebooks prove to be a particular problem for Mac users.

Nevertheless, this has been both an interesting and invaluable learning experience and I am grateful to those with greater IT knowledge than myself who provided assistance, and also to those who took time to test prototypes.

The alternative method of dissemination remains, therefore, as a standard photobook which is awaiting publication whilst I evaluate the various companies which offer photobook printing services. At the moment, the concept is for a soft cover book, 8 x 8”.



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