On Reflection: Week 1, Module Three

Module three, a new chapter in education …

Appraising the work of photographer Ed Ruscha and choosing a work on which to base a repeat photography exercise proved very informative. This was a good opportunity to evaluate different contexts, or surfaces, for the display of photographic images, and the impact of those contexts on how displayed images are viewed.

It was very surprising to find the production of an interactive ebook to be as problematic as it was. This was predominantly due to the software needed to produce and subsequently read an interactive ebook not being universally available, and also the problem of Mac operating systems not being compatible with HTML5/flash.

Despite the frustration, however, I am taking the view that this is extremely valuable knowledge. And I am pleased with the finished set of images – I think the slideshow in the CRJ is an appropriate method of presentation. Perhaps most importantly the body of work received some very positive feedback (“Inspired by … Ed Ruscha”).

… …

Revisiting an image I took in 2013 brought further frustrations because every piece of technology involved in the task had some sort of failure and everything that could go wrong logistically did so.

I wasn’t especially pleased with the end result, although this also attracted positive feedback. My printer was one of the pieces of technology which failed – and did so quite spectacularly. So, getting two images printed at all was an achievement. I don’t think the background was particularly attractive or complimentary to the images. This is an area of ongoing research.

However, the end result was extremely valuable in terms of evaluating how my photographic style has developed over a period of time. Additionally, this was invaluable as an exercise in real-time, “on the hoof” problem solving (“Repeat Photography & Rephotography”). “MacGyver … “

Looking ahead, week two presents a chance to produce a movie type trailer. This will really be unchartered territory for me. Let’s see what transpires …

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