Notes on Tutorial: 08 May 2018

Contemporaneous notes of a 1-2-1 tutorial: Dr Wendy McMurdo – Tuesday 08 May 2018, 1000 hrs

Researching and comprehensively documenting Sophie Calle’s Chromatic Diet†1 was recommended. The aim of this research is to further evaluate ways of making the final images for the project.

Laia Abril’s Thinspiration was also discussed as a research point to be evidenced in my CRJ (completed). The aim being to evidence research into the work of other contemporary practitioners – evaluating the methods used to photograph food or perceptions of food.

It was agreed that there are two elements to Jo-Ana as a project: images and text.

Experiments with text are journaled in FMP Test Images and FMP Test Images 2.

With regard to the textual element, it was felt that some extracts worked better than others.

Experimenting with text written on a full page taken from, for example, a reporter’s notebook was suggested. It is believed this will make the text extracts appear more diminutive. Additionally, the text extracts, as they currently stand, appear somewhat contrived.

With regard to TI/040518/11a and 11b, it was felt that the reference to the number of calories consumed helped describe the passage of time (i.e. helped introduce the element of time).

How the arc of time would be described was questioned: where would the series begin, and where would it end?

An Excel spreadsheet is used for the development of images (in a similar way to a storyboard). It was explained that there will be 20 images in the series. Each image will consist of a still life of the food consumed by the participant at various stages of the illness, together with a corresponding piece of text extracted from the participant’s diary. Together the 20 images provide a complete narrative of the participant’s illness.

WM requested an A4 page write up of the image development process to be made available by the next tutorial (15 May) and subsequently included in the CRJ. The aim being to document the process of crafting the narrative and the considerations relating to bringing the elements of image and text together successfully.

Referring back to Sophie Calle’s Chromatic Diet, the use of a tight typology was identified. WM pointed out the value in limiting images (in a series) stylistically, with each image being shot in exactly the same way.

Experimenting with various camera angles was suggested, particular reference was made to taking shots from an overhead point of view.

The most recent test shots show subjects against a white background. WM indicated that this has qualities of ‘almost disappearing’ and ‘being clinical’ which suit the concept well.

The mode of public outcome was discussed as being an online gallery via a dedicated website. Social media (Instagram and Facebook) would be used to drive traffic towards the project website. WM suggested approaching Anna-Maria Pfab with regard to taking over the Flexible Falmouth Instagram account.

The use of hashtags was discussed and it was confirmed that research into appropriate hashtags had been carried out on 04 and 05 May.

Investigating any methods used by Laia Abril to raise awareness of projects via social media channels was encouraged.

WM’s thoughts on test images TI/040518/11a and 11b were requested. It was consequently suggested that the concept is acceptable but ultimately any layout is dependent on how images will be used. It was noted that the format used to integrate image and text in 11a and 11b was the most popular in cohort peer reviews.

With regard to the CRJ, appropriate menu titles for the FMP was discussed. More specifically, the validity of a ‘Coursework’ menu title was questioned. WM agreed that this option was very appropriate for earlier modules where weekly tasks and activities were being journaled. The removal of a specific ‘Coursework’ menu title was suggested, with the ‘Project Development’ menu option being retitled as ‘Project Development (Coursework)’.

Moving forward …

It was agreed that a final decision on how to integrate images and text would be taken at a later date after further experiments (discussed earlier) have been completed.



†1 Sophie Calle:

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