Exhibition Feedback

In addition to comments recorded in the website Visitors Book, the following feedback has been received.

‘Congratulations. This is important work. This is evocative work. Have you begun to solicit galleries about a showing? Have you reached out to support agencies to promote your work? If not, you should. It could help more people. This is what visual art should do … move people to emotion and action. You are well on your way.’

Andrew Scrivani

Food Photographer, New York Times food writer

19 July 2018

‘Hi Philip,

I am just looking at jo-ana.co.uk, congratulations.

I like that you included a lot of text, and I appreciate the sensitive approach you’ve chosen.

I can imagine that people who are affected themselves find it very interesting to browse through.’

Mafalda Rakos

Photographer, author of I Want to disappear

26 July 2018

‘Hi Philip,

Well done for moving forward, jumping through the tech hoops and moving into the creative which at the end of the day is all that counts. A very valid and thought provoking series that successfully communicates Jo-Ana’s battle. The question at the end of the project is whether you feel the story is complete or whether there is more to say? Expand the story perhaps? Well done.’

Stewart Weir


05 August 2018

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