Exhibition Review

Review received as follows, 07 August 2018:

Jo-Ana – MA Final Project

Philip Morris

I have followed the progress of this project from an interesting viewpoint. Firstly I work as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor so I view from a professional aspect, I also work as a Mental Health Student Mentor at a university so I view this from my ongoing professional relationships with students and thirdly from a personal perspective.  At sixteen I developed anorexia this was in the 1960`s, the Twiggy era, so it was completely unrecognised as an illness.

Using photography to portray the anorexic journey is both innovative and cathartic as the visual image speaks beyond words and allows the viewer the opportunity to put their own thoughts and words into the story. Viewing the series of sequential images and the visual story shows the mental distortions in relation to food and gives access to the unhealthy thinking that has become a primary driver to food choice and quantity. Including the personal possessions in the images both personalises and contextualises the ongoing life script.

In therapy there are times that words are futile and do not express how a person feels or it can be that the feelings have not reached the conscious level of knowingness.  Using creative methods such as images through drawing or image choice can help a client to access the sub-conscious and in so doing access the sub-text or underlying unhealthy flawed thinking and even core beliefs that have been woven into someone’s life script that is playing out every day.  I consider this project to be a basis for a way forward in client expression to access the hidden and uncover the underlying emotions related to a distortion of reality.

Well done Phil!!

Lesley Foulkes


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